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Filimonovskoe miracle

  • 10:00-10:30 meeting with the guide in Tula at the railway station
  • meeting at the Tula Kremlin (group at its transport)
  • sightseeing tour along the city: the Kremlin, which is the compositional center of the city, the Uspensky Cathedral, the Bell tower, the Orthodox churches of Tula Church of the Annunciation, the Church of St. Nicholas Zaretskiy, the ascension, the Church of all saints and others. Walk to the Avenue of Lenin with the inspection of the monuments: L.N. Tolstoy, "Defenders of Tula in the Great Patriotic war", V.I. Lenin. Walk on istoricheskim streets Tula
  • Excursion to the state Museum "Tula samovars". Opened in 1990, the Museum has gained international renown. The exhibition, presented in the Museum, has participated in international exhibitions and won prizes. In the halls of the Museum contains the best collection of samovars from Tula craftsmen of different periods from antiquity to modernity.
  • Lunch in the caf? of town
  • visiting of the memorial Museum of N.I. Beloborodov. One of the symbols of Tula Tula accordion. City guests are recommended to visit the Museum of its Creator Nicholas Beloborodov. In the "Museum of harmony" presents various harmonics, including the famous Viennese accordion and Tula "it", built over 130 years ago.
  • Excursion to the Museum "Tula gingerbread". The Museum is one of the youngest in Tula, but also one of the most popular. It presents a history of the unique ancient delicacy, survived the UPS and downs. You will tell about ancient traditions and ceremonies, and modern technologies of production. In the Museum - gingerbread-congratulatory, historical, personal , curly. The shop offers tasting cake with tea and opportunity to purchase a tasty Souvenirs.
  • accommodation in the hotel. free time

2nd day

  • Breakfast in the hotel. the release of rooms
  • excursion to the Museum "filimonovskogo toys." "pearl of folk art" called filimonovskogo toy. the whole world admires the simplicity and elegance of its forms, beauty and expressiveness of the ornament and unique sound. you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with works of the wonderful masterofpromo craft, pochuvstvovav in an interactive game "the secret of painting filimonovskogo toys"and branded the author's toy. optional: the tea party-100 rubles.
  • the end of the program. Departure home.

The cost of the program per person



Tour cost for one person – adults (the customer's transport) 40+2

Tour cost for one person – school children (the customer's transport) 40+2

Tula – center Lenina/9Mata st. 96/2

place in a double room



Moscow , 3, Puteiskaya str

place in a double room



Tula State University 15, Oruzheinaya st

place in a double room



tour cost includes: accommodation in hotel, meals, excursion service + entrance tickets, guide services. the company exercises its right to modify the program's order, not reducing its total volume. the cost check when booking