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History and traditions of Tula region - 2

  • 10:00-10:30 meeting with the guide in Tula at the railway station
  • meeting at the Tula Kremlin (group at its transport)
  • sightseeing tour along the city: the Kremlin, which is the compositional center of the city, the Uspensky Cathedral, the Bell tower, the Orthodox churches of Tula Church of the Annunciation, the Church of St. Nicholas Zaretskiy, the ascension, the Church of all saints and others. Walk to the Avenue of Lenin with the inspection of the monuments: L.N. Tolstoy, "Defenders of Tula in the Great Patriotic war", V.I. Lenin. Walk on istoricheskim streets Tula, such as the October - the former Million, as it settled mainly zarechenskiy "Millionshchikov," the merchants, Industrialists, rich oruzanih masters.
  • departure to the military-historical and natural Museum-reserve "Kulikovo field". The Museum of the battle of Kulikovo in the village of Monastyrshina - the largest in Russia Museum of medieval battles, hosts a unique exhibition "the great beginning of Russia". Near the Museum are the temple of the Nativity of the MostHoly mother of God, the monument to the great Moscow Prince Dmitry Donskoy, the Alley of Memory and Unity. Near them is the legendary confluence of the don and Nepryadva, where the path to the location of the Kulikovo battle.
  • departure to Tula. accommodation in the hotel

2nd day

  • Breakfast in the hotel. dinner, departure to the excursion
  • Visiting cultural-entertainment center "Vityaz". Interactive program - "Prince squad" will reveal interesting facts most famous battles that took place on the territory of Tula region - the battle of Kulikovo.
  • Excursion in the Museum and exhibition center "Tula antiquities". The center was established in 1993 Tula archaeological expedition with the support of the city administration. In the Museum-exhibition center has several interesting historical and archeological exhibitions: "Silent March of the centuries", "Medieval Russia - from the plow to architecture", "the Secrets of Tula masters", "Russkaya izba". These programs telling about the history of Tula region, familiarize with culture of Ancient Russia. Interactive tour "One day in Russian log hut" in the form of a game will be acquainted with the life of ancient ancestors, you will be treated to tasty tea and cakes.
  • the end of the program. Departure home.

3 day

  • Breakfast in hotel, departure from the hotel.
  • departure on excursion program in the city Venev.
  • sightseeing tour around the city. the city was founded in 12 century. the name is connected with the river Venev. in the city centre are the main attractions: Pokrovskaya Church (now the Museum of local lore), the Epiphany Church, the Kazan Church, the Cathedral of the resurrection. at the city cemetery - Baroque St. John the Baptist Church, the entrance gate in the style of classicism, the bust of General-Lieutenant F. Petrov.
  • visit to the St. Nicholas diocesan women's monastery. venevsky monastery - one of the most ancient Orthodox monasteries, erected in Russia, its history starts in 11-12 centuries. named in honor of St. Nicholas and is a monument of architecture.
  • the tour of the "Golden city". the entire complex, as adjacent relaxation area, as is done in traditional Chinese style. The hull of the "Golden city" is a unique monument of architecture. the surrounding territory of kompleksa will give you a pleasant landscape design, which blends Chinese pavilions, fountains, bridges, and architectural items, from a bygone era...
  • --the end of the program. Departure home.

tour cost includes: accommodation in hotel, meals, excursion service + entrance tickets, guide services. the company exercises its right to modify the program's order, not reducing its total volume. the cost check when booking