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Literary and musical traditions of Tula

1st day

  • 10:00-10:30 meeting with the guide in Tula at the railway station
  • meeting at the Tula Kremlin (group at its transport)
  • the excursion to the house Museum centuries Veresaev. The house-Museum of Veresaev is the only preserved urban estate in Tula. The Museum exposition devoted to life and creativity of Vikenty Veresaev (Smidovich) - writer, literary critic, and Pushkin. He was born in Tula, in the family of the founders of the Tula city hospital of the first Tula kindergarten. The main exhibits of the Museum are personal things of the famous writer and his legendary parents: photos, documents, portraits, books with autographs. In the house reconstructed interiors of the living rooms of families Smidovich the late 19th and early 20th century, the Moscow worker of the writer's study and library.
  • excursion in the Tula art Museum. the Museum was opened in 1919, but the formation of its collections started long before this. The collection of Tula Museum has more than 23 000 works of Russian, modern and Western-European art, which continues.
  • visiting the Museum P.N. Krylov. the Museum P.N. Krylov was created in Tula in September 1997. creative heritage of national artist, honoured citizen of Tula has about 2,000 works of painting, graphics, archive documents and memorial items that were donated to the Museum by the sons of the artist.
  • lunch in the cafe of the city
  • visit the state Museum-reserve "Museum-estate of L. Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana". Business card of the Tula region, the native land of Leo Tolstoy " Yasnaya Polyana saved what it knew and loved writer. Landscapes of the manor is a historic building, supported in his unchanged historical form. Yasnaya Polyana is still living a real estate life: in the gardens gather apples, apiary brings the honey feast for the eyes, graceful horses. To feel the spirit of Tolstoy era in Yasnaya Polyana tourists come from all over the world. and leaving. again dream of returning these beautiful places.

accommodation in the hotel. free time

2nd day

  • Breakfast in the hotel. dinner, departure to the excursion
  • visiting of the memorial Museum of N.I. Beloborodov. One of the symbols of Tula Tula accordion. City guests are recommended to visit the Museum of its Creator Nicholas Beloborodov. In the "Museum of harmony" presents various harmonics, including the famous Viennese accordion and Tula "it", built over 130 years ago. The interior of the memorial rooms decorated with photos, posters, as well as furniture and subjects of a life of the early 20th century. The emotional climax of the exhibition - the music of Beloborodov, which spreads through the ancient rooms of the legendary harmonium and the phonograph.
  • Excursion in the Museum and exhibition center "Tula antiquities". The center was established in 1993 Tula archaeological expedition with the support of the city administration. In the Museum-exhibition center has several interesting historical and archeological exhibitions: "Silent March of the centuries", "Medieval Russia - from the plow to architecture", "the Secrets of Tula masters", "Russkaya izba". These programs telling about the history of Tula region, familiarize with culture of Ancient Russia. Interactive tour "One day in Russian log hut" in the form of a game will be acquainted with the life of ancient ancestors, you will be treated to tasty tea and cakes.
  • the end of the program. Departure home.

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Tour cost for one person – adults (the customer's transport) 40+2

Tour cost for one person – school children (the customer's transport) 40+2

Tula – center Lenina/9Mata st. 96/2

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Tula State University 15, Oruzheinaya st

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tour cost includes: accommodation in hotel, meals, excursion service + entrance tickets, guide services. the company exercises its right to modify the program's order, not reducing its total volume. the cost check when booking